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Pharmapedia is a global platform that brings together the pharmacy community to share expertise and knowledge in a joint effort to advance pharmacy practice.

Pharmapedia provides access to basic and advanced pharmacy and medicines management information, written by practitioners for practitioners. Information about medicines, diseases and conditions, physiology, and health and lifestyle are included.

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How do I trust the information on Pharmapedia?

The information on Pharmapedia is peer-reviewed by experts so any page which has been reviewed can be trusted as accurate.  

How do I contribute to Pharmapedia?

Simply register for a free account. Any registered account user can write or edit information on Pharmapedia pages. Everyone can benefit from your contributions, however small. We have a directory of easy-to-read Help pages to guide you through.

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Please invite your friends and colleagues to contribute to this user-generated free resource. The more the merrier: more contributors will increase the amount of information held on Pharmapedia which, over time, will form a consensus of knowledge and expertise.


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